Red Clouds

Chapter 2, part 1

"Water is basically free, right?"

The crew agreed to pick up some basic supplies for the Steadfast and the refugees attempting to make it habitable. Four broad categories of goods were needed – water, food, mechanical supplies, and medical supplies. They were offered 600 credits for each category, although purchasing the goods would cut into that amount.

Pulling some contacts on Pollus 3, they get in touch with an information broker of their acquaintance named Leeso Chesk. For a small fee, he told the crew about an opportunity to pull some nice fenced gear, and they agreed to check it out. Heading to a disused cargo silo, they met Chesk, passed through the meagre security, and waited around for the fence to arrive.

The cargo bay was sparsely populated with shifty-looking folks, a general low-life mix. After a short while, a battered looking freighter turned up and some weequays and barabels began unloading crates, followed by a flamboyant Twi’Lek who introduces himself as “Sorr”. He ordered the crates opened and the goods displayed, and the crew quickly found some basic mechanical goods – probably stolen, of course. They also spotted several whole crates full of pristine stormtrooper gear and weapons – dangerous contraband. Chesk looked edgy, and advised them to leave as soon as they made their purchases, as he was put off by the flippant manner of the Twi’Lek.

They managed to buy up a stock of tools and repair supplies, along with a blaster rifle for Moosh, but were disturbed by an explosion from a nearby tunnel. It was a raid by local authorities! The crew quickly ran for it, slicing the lock on a nearby door and fleeing, their last sight of the hanger being Sorr and his cronies hustling up the gangplank of their ship. They got away safely, and quickly made their way to the ship before heading off on the next part of their mission – to collect water.

Wanting to keep the costs as low as possible, they purchased some basic tools and containers, before heading to Farcia, as the planet had abundant supplies of free and clean water in the form of ice. They laboriously cut and filled all the containers they could find with ice blocks, stacked them in the hold of the freighter and planned to change the internal heating to keep the hold as cold as possible. They were interrupted by the appearance of another ship – a Lambda shuttle, flown by the angry dug pirate, Captain Barbos. After a tense scramble, they managed to get airborne and make a hasty escape after blasting the shuttle with the ship’s ion cannon, leaving the disabled Barbos hurling threats from an ice flow.


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