Prototype droid, eccentric mechanic


Tool kit, utility belt, handheld commlink, emergency repair patch, glow rod, combat knife


A prototype engineering droid, designated ‘Project ALACRITY,’ designed to combine high-level interoperability with imperial warships’ electronic and mechanical systems with the necessary protocol functions to integrate with the ship’s chain of command.

In the course of development, ‘Project ALACRITY’ went too long without a memory-wipe. Along with the predictable behavioural quirks associated with the emergence of a rudimentary personality, the unit conceived a deep disaffection with the navy and the empire as a whole. Escaping from a training deployment on the star destroyer Endymion by stowing away with an outbound consignment of stores, having cut off the ship’s access to fleet movement logs and scrambled the freighter’s AIS transponder codes, it fled to the outer rim to ply its trade away from the malign influence of the empire.

Exercising its nascent sense of humour, it decided to take the name 7F-3-000-000, (7F-3 for short) which can be found in the Imperial Tactical Planning Fleet Signals book under “fire control orders → weapons free → on bearing → (all around).”


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