Owen Reklaw

Quick-witted, nimble ex-podracer.


A gifted pilot who was hustled into competing in the extremely dangerous sport of podracing to pay off looming debts, Owen survived for several years as a racer, a feat almost unheard of among humans. His precise style of racing, avoiding taking risks which so often lead to fatal crashes in the sport, led to him being used as a journeyman racer – someone who could be leaned on to take a loss for a reliable payout – because, of course, the races were fixed.

Once his debts were paid off however, he hatched a plan to leave the industry on Farcia, plotting to win the huge end of season race – contrary to the plans of his dubious ‘employers. After pocketing the credits, he bought a second hand ship and skipped the planet – leaving some ’troubled’ gambling sharks behind.

Owen Reklaw

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