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  • Prologue

    Bikott contacted the crew of the Paragon B-400 with a job - find the missing Clone Wars battleship [[Steadfast | Steadfast]] using some newly acquired data, and if intact plunder the wreckage for juicy military secrets in the ship databanks. 7F-3 used …

  • Paragon-Class AR-37 Light Freighter

    h3. Overview _The Old Bess_ A highly versatile ship, the Paragon-class has a removable cargo bay, allowing it to quickly refit as needed. A dorsal turret and starboard ion cannon give it reasonable offensive capabilities, and it carries relatively …

  • Steadfast

    Placeholder details for the Steadfast, an Acclamator-Class star destroyer from the Clone Wars. [[File:701067 | class=media-item-align-none | acclamator.jpg]]