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The group of Owen, Moossh and 7F-3, live aboard and work from the ‘Old Bess’, a Paragon-Class AR-37 Light Freighter, taking various jobs around the outer rim and getting into scrapes.

The Murian subsector is a wild and run-down area of space, with large tracts of unexplored systems. It borders the Sanguine expanse, a huge, mostly unexplored area of nebulae and gas clouds.

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The Story so far…

- Hired by Gartooli the Hutt (via his proxy, Bikott) to find the wreck of the Steadfast, a missing Clone Wars-era battleship, the crew headed off into the Sanguine expanse, eventually finding the ship hidden inside an asteroid.

- They found the ship had already been claimed by a rag-tag group of ex-mining employees from WehX corporation, a company operating on the planet Wehllund. They had fled an Imperial Crackdown, escaping only with a shuttle and the emergency supplies on it, and found the Steadfast by accident. The crew bargained with them, and agreed to help them survive by getting them valuable gear, in exchange for payment and a safe place to berth the ship.

- Hiding out in the Sanguine Expanse, the crew of the Old Bess collected various supplies for the rag-tag group of refugees on the Steadfast, ranging from water (free) and mechanical supplies (stolen) , to a huge stock of food and soil from the wild planet B’Po Prime (legitimately traded). Along the way, they tangled with an irate pirate captain, a crazy twi’lek merchant, alien wildlife, dangerous ancient ruins, and imperial science stations.

- The work of the crew has supplied the Steadfast with essential food, water and tools, and they’ve made themselves essential to the survival of it as a burgeoning space station and shadow-port.

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