Murian subsector

Pollus III – prior civilisations, very stratified society, huge criminal underclass, melting pot, colonised to exploit the geothermal power, original corporations become nobility living in ancient caverns underground, poorer classes live closer to desolate stormy surface.

Lawiir’s Forge – ex-clone wars manufacturing base, huge mineral deposits, renamed by Republic to exploit the natural resources, orbital facilities, ecoterrorists.Lawiir.jpg

Chirex – mostly-abandoned failed colony planet, poisonous rain, good place to hide, end of the line.chirex.jpg

B’Po – psuedo-medieval society, native people alpha predators, hostile planet, worth trading with for food, other animal products, low grav high ox, hard to reach via hyperspace.bpo.jpg

Farcia – ice/water world, huge ice-bound poles, couple of water extraction plants, dead podracing industry. farcia.jpg

Cort – orbital repair/refuel stations, gas giant refining facilities. cort.jpg

Armessa – cruise destination, beauty products, decadent tropical paradise world, archipelago with tranquil waters, pleasure palaces, tourists. armessa.jpg

Wehllund – quiet pastoral world, hilly, some industrial facilities. wehllund.jpg

The Sanguine Expanse is a region of huge gas clouds, unsurveyed systems, and proto-stars. Slow to travel through, it’s the perfect hiding place for the Steadfast, a Cone-Wars era frigate and new home for refugees escaped from an Imperial purge on Wehllund.


Murian subsector

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