Red Clouds

Chapter 1, part 2

"This is a terrible place to live."

While attempting to reach the datacore without attracting any attention, the crew were startled by the sounds of crashing, running water and screams from a nearby service duct. Investigating, they entered the top of one of the water silos, criss-crossed with gantries and slimy with disuse. Water was sloshing into the silo from an open hatch, and some bedraggled children were cowering on a rapidly-flooding gantry far below.

Something else was in the water, however – some ugly, tentacled monster, pale and thin with hunger. After a tough fight, the crew managed to cut it apart and save the kids, only getting partially mauled in the process.

After explaining to the kids that they needed to get the core, they managed to persuade them to show the way through the ship, while avoiding any adults. After entertaining the children with stories, the crew eventually found the disused datacore and began plundering it. Moossh remained behind to keep watch on the data spooling onto some drives, while the others headed off to search for an armory, where they successfully salvaged a couple of light blaster pistols.

When ZF and Owen returned to the datacore, they discovered Moossh in a standoff with some refugees. A woman seemed to be in charge, and she demanded to know their purpose on the ship. The tense atmosphere was broken by the rescued children, who explained that the crew had rescued them from a monster in the water tanks.

After some discussion, it transpired that the new ‘inhabitants’ of the ship were hiding from an Imperial crackdown on Wehllund, and had fled in the shuttle found in the cargo bay. They found the Steadfast by chance, and were intending on rebuilding it to make it habitable. A nautolan suggested that this could be mutually profitable – and began listing goods that the refugees needed.

The crew managed to broker a deal to supply them with food, water, medical gear and mechanical tools in exchange for being able to use the Steadfast as a free port and repair yard. They agreed to pass on the classified data but alter it to suggest that the Steadfast is a complete wreck.

Upon their return to Pollus, they contacted Bikott and reported their success. In addition to the war data from the Steadfast, they offered over the location of the wrecked Clone Wars droids as well, netting a small bonus. He seemed pleased, but with Bikott it’s hard to tell.


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